Mommy & Me Mini Session Sneak Peek

Being a mom is a wonderful crazy thing that changes your world every single day.

New and keen moms find themselves recording milestones, capturing photos and memories, and documenting the moments that mean the most. Despite our best efforts moms sometimes forget how important it is to be IN photographs with their children. And even when we know we should, unkept hair, chipped nail polish, no make up, or whatever else it may be, often keep us from volunteering a smile.

However, years from now our children will be looking at these photos and wondering about what life and mom were like, the life and time created by the mother who they remember little about, who continues to change and nourish in new ways. We are a different mothers each time our eyes open, growing, balancing life, and learning; it never stops. This is why I am so honored to photograph moms. This is why I am so proud of moms who stand, or sit, or play with their children and say, “yes. I want these memories to exist in photographs”.

As I pour over images from my recent Mommy & Me Mini Session, I am inspired. I am surrounded by talented, strong, and wonderful mothers who are all raising babies in their own special way. They are giving selflessly and they are awesome women to boot. So “thank you” to all the moms who participated in these Mommy and Me Sessions.

Congratulations mommas, you’re doing so great!








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